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Swiftproxy is dedicated to offering clients the fastest and most efficient residential proxy services available. With an extensive array of proxy resources spanning worldwide locations, you can effortlessly scale your business and manage your IP effectively.
Effortless proxy integration with over 650 tools and software options.
We make it simple to integrate our products into your scraping infrastructure. With support for various languages and pre-written code examples, getting started on your web scraping project is quick and easy.
Meet multiple business needs
Data acquisition
Preventing blocks and bans by masking the source of requests. Maintaining anonymity, bypassing geo-restrictions and rate limits.
Brand protection
Anonymously monitor the internet for unauthorized use of their brand, counterfeit sales, and intellectual property infringements.
Network marketing
Proxies enhance network security by acting as intermediaries, filtering incoming traffic and preventing direct access to internal servers
SEO and SERP scraping
proxies are crucial for anonymously gathering large volumes of search engine data across different geographies and search engines without being detected or blocked.
Price comparison
Customers can conduct daily price tracking, refine pricing tactics, and outperform competitors
Network security
Network software, hardware and systems are protected system
Comment monitoring
Comprehensive monitoring, real-time collection of comment data
Advertising verification
To anonymously verify ad placement and integrity, ensuring ads appear as intended on targeted sites without revealing the verifier 's identity
Types of proxies
Residential Proxies
A dynamic residential proxy network is a proxy network that contains a real IP address provided by an Internet service provider (ISP). These IP addresses connect to physical locations around the globe at the country or city level. Requests from residential agents stand out for their legitimacy, allowing you to effectively collect public data.
Static Residential Proxies
A static residential proxy is an IP address issued by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that blends the authenticity of residential IPs with the reliability of datacenter IPs. This provides a robust solution for users engaged in high-traffic activities or accessing sophisticated websites equipped with anti-bot measures.
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Static Residential Proxies


Static Residential Proxies



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With each plan you access
70M+ ethically-sourced IPs
99.5% success rate
<0.58s average response time
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24/7 tech support
Configurations & Integrations
Explore our integration guides to learn how to set up your proxies. SwiftProxy solutions can be seamlessly incorporated with popular third-party software.
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